A Confrontation with Infinities

Year: 2010

Instrumentation: Saxophone and Electronics

Other performances:

  • Michael Goldboum - 28.12.2010, "Ha'teiva", Tel Aviv (Israel)


The Cantor's theorem states that the cardinality of the real numbers' set is bigger of the cardinality of the natural numbers' set. The straightforward outcome of this theorem is the existence of different cardinalities (sizes) of infinity.
This piece tries to confront the idea of various sizes of infinity and the relationships between the individual and the infinities and between different kinds of infinity.
During the process of the piece, the individual (most of the time represented by the saxophone) is confronted with different kinds of infinities. Infinity in the piece is represented by an element that cannot be graspable by human being such as rhythm of more than 20 pulses a second, very big accumulation of sounds, aggregation of individual sounds into an overtone series of a new sound.
The last section of the piece tries to describe the individual search after infinity and finding infinity inside the single note inner infinity.