Concerto Grosso

Year: 2019

Instrumentation: Instrumental Sextet and Chamber Orchestra

First performance by Ensemble Meitar and Thelma Yellin Orchestra, conductor: Pierre-André Valade - 06.10.2019, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (Israel)

Other performances:

  • Ensemble Meitar and Thelma Yellin Orchestra, conductor: Guy Feder - 13.01.2020, Clairmont Hall, Tel Aviv University (Israel)
  • University of Iowa Orchestra - 23.04.2023, Concert Hall, University of Iowa (USA)
  • University of Iowa Orchestra - 02.05.2023, Voxman Music Building, University of Iowa (USA)

"Concerto Grosso" for Meitar ensemble and orchestra explores spaces between musical extremes - the ensemble's intimacy against the massive orchestral force, sound surfaces against instrumental rhetoric, orchestral sounds against electronic music. The hope is that by blurring the boundaries between the categories, the layers of reference and functionality will be peeled off the sound, allowing them to be perceived as pure acoustic sensations and abstract structures.