Bocca Chiusa

Year: 2017

Instrumentation: Clarinet Solo and Chamber Orchestra

First performance by L'Orchestre de Chambre de Genève, Clarinet: Fabio Di Casola, conductor: Pierre Bleuse - 26.11.2017, Studio Ernest Ansermet, Geneva (Switzerland)


Language has been a central metaphor in music throughout music history. Linguistic metaphors seem to have established what we call “musical expression” and “musical structure” – the perceptual patterns for dealing with linguistic communication are the cornerstones for the notion of “musical logic”.
Bocca Chiusa explores the space around the edges of the expressive possibilities of the language-metaphor. It tries to reach the limits of the sense of inevitability that the linguistic metaphor provides. Using different musical language-metaphors, the solo clarinetist consistently tries to reach this expressive limits and break away from the expressive confines of music as a language.
The idea that the limits of my language (and of musical elements that are derived from language) are not the limits of my inner world is essential for the reason I create art with sound.