Taking the note for a walk

Year: 2008

Instrumentation: Solo piano

First performance by Ofra Yitzhaki - 16.06.2009, Buchman-Mehta School, Tel Aviv University (Israel)

Other performances:

  • Alex Ramirez - 02.06.2010, L'Auditori de La Pedrera de CAIXA CATALUNYA, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Daniel Borovitzki - 28.12.2010, "Ha'teiva", Tel Aviv (Israel)
  • Sohee Lee - 14.04.2011, Penn State University, PA (USA)
  • Clemens Hund-Goschel - 10.09.2011, Cajkovskij-Konservatorium Moskau, Rachmaninov-Saal (Russia)

“A drawing is simply a line going for a walk” (Paul Klee)
In this piece I tried to follow the abstract concept expressed in the above-mentioned quotation. Namely, letting the note move physically in the space of the piano, letting it create “by itself” musical worlds. Analogous to the tension between the physical presences of lines in a drawing to the referential meaning given to that drawing, in the piece, such a tension may be created between the movement of the note to certain textures and gestures created.