But that is all misunderstanding

Year: 2011

Instrumentation: Vocal Quartet (SATB) and Instrumental Quartet (Flute, Saxophone, Piano, Cello)

First performance by Memebers of Ensemble Rechreche, Quatuor XASAX and Les Cris de Paris - 24.09.2011, Royaumont Abbey, Asnières-sur-Oise (France)


In one of his remarks collected in the book “Culture and Value”, Ludwig Wittgenstein addresses the subject of referential meaning of music, with the example of dance, saying: “If seeing the dance is what is important, it would be better to perform that rather than the music. But that is all misunderstanding.”
The piece is built on the quite paradoxical attempt of conveying the message about the insignificancy of referential meaning in music.
It does so by using several citations of Ludwig Wittgenstein regarding musical meaning and understanding. These texts are integrated in the piece by textural means – loosing their meaning and becoming a “pure” musical material that doesn’t point outside the piece.